About us

We are a high level strategy consulting firm helping individuals and organizations around the globe to reach their full potential.

We assist our clients to set goals and reach their long term objectives, to dominate, maximize, make money and save money using cutting-edge strategies and solutions.

We excel and lead the market in Startup Business Development, Strategy, Deal & Transaction Advisory, Marketing, Brand & PR, Organizational Policy, Controls, Turnaround, Leadership, Management & Board Development and Project Management..

Our work distribution by revenue is as follows:

Strategy, Deal & Transaction Advisory, Organizational Policy & Controls 50%
Startup Business Development, Marketing, Brand & PR 30%
Turnaround, Leadership, Management & Board Development and Project Management 20%

Promoting Long-Term Investments

Working with us always amounts to a long term investment because we go out of our way to unlock long-term value all the time.

Global Standards Alignment

We are constantly seeking to align our clients with the best global standard and trends

Advanced Consulting

We offer advanced consulting so as to create new perspectives, avenues and opportunities for our clients

our ethos - deliver something special

Going Deeper To Provide Greatest Value

We are always seeking to go deeper, and further than the next guy. We look for that extra detail. If we haven’t delivered something special, in our view, we haven’t delivered yet and need to dig deeper.


If you are looking for a career move into our firm:


Want to join and work with us?

Our business operates on two fronts – Consulting Operations and Internal Business Support.

We aim to be the best in our work so that we can help our clients to be the best in their work.

We pay attention to detail

We offer career incentives and growth opportunities

We are currently looking for the following positions:

  • Lead web developer
  • Client relations manager
  • Marketing Specialist

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Our portfolio

We have an interesting portfolio of clients and projects



We focus on giving great value for money through tailored proposals

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We harness the power of digital to work all over the world