We drive entrepreneurship and business development in Africa through trendsetting business strategy, marketing excellence and high-level people development.

A niche high-performance Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Marketing and Business Development Consultancy serving all classes of enterprises and entrepreneurs from Small to Medium, Large, Corporates and Multinationals.

Entrepreneurship Made Easy.

we are CONSTANTLY LOOKING FOR WAYS TO build HIGH VALUE for OUR CLIENTS and TO increase their competitive edge

Our Mind and Thinking

We are niche high-performance Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Marketing and Business Development Consultancy which operates at a very high level to give our clients the edge over all competition.

 We combine the past, the present and the future to find the right business mix for our clients.

We believe in blending both Digital and Non-Digital Innovation to drive success. We challenge our clients to think outside the box and to operate in a state of elastic mental freedom.

We believe that success in business and strategy is rooted in having a deep and firm understanding of the business and its dynamics and spend a lot of time understanding the entrepreneur and their business.

Our work is designed to meet the challenging needs of entrepreneurs and organizations in an evolving world. We stay in tune with global trends and best practices and help our clients to stay ahead.

We assist with entrepreneur, company and transaction strategy, and help institutions and people to reach their full potential regardless of their starting point or current state.

Strategy, Marketing, Brand & PR

We are all-round marketing geniuses who assist our clients to get ahead of the pack and stand-out in every way. We create cutting-edge marketing and communications approaches, strategies and tools and implement to perfection for our customers.

We excel in both digital and human marketing and are one of the few remaining consultancies which still give an all round comprehensive marketing experience.

Business Development, Capacity Building & Corporate Advisory

Often, our marketing responsibilities evolve into business development and we go further in the marketing process, helping our customers to actually secure the business. We assist with overall business strategy and capacity building and are ever-ready to participate and ensure success in all forms of marketing implementation.

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, People, Management & Board Development

We strongly tie marketing to business culture and the overall way in which products and services are delivered by an entity. We believe that marketing is an entity-wide process which is felt and propagated throughout the product and service delivery process. We assist our client entities with people, management and board development and conditioning for culture and marketing success.

what is our main objective?

Helping our clients to get ahead and stay ahead

Our work is centered around helping our clients to get ahead and to stay ahead. We are thinking machines who go out of our way to understand the client’s business, to know their strengths, weaknesses and problems, to enquire and research their operating environment and to know their competition in order to help our clients stay ahead. We excel in attention to detail, creativity, in-depth thinking, analysis and the use of modern day technology to come up with solutions. Some of our key processes are:

Understanding the client's business
Understanding the client's problem
Research, competition analysis, attention to detail and use of appropriate tools


Winning Strategies

We assist new and seasoned entrepreneurs with setting up strong institutions and building competitive advantage across their organisation. 


We assist with:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • PR
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Business Development
  • Sales & Transaction Advisory
  • Capacity Building & Utilization
  • Organizational Policy
  • Organizational Turnaround
  • Capital
  • Controls
  • Leadership, Management & Board Development
  • Human Resources (People) Development
  • Corporate Structuring


All Forms of Business

We assist all types of companies from startups to small one-man enterprises right up to large corporations with multiple branches, divisions and global subsidiaries.

Startups and Small Enterprises (R1 to R5M turnover)

We tailor specific approaches that allow us to engage small business on their startup, inception and day to day challenges

Medium Enterprises
(R5M to R50M turnover)

We work on medium size business cases of all types and help them achieve long term sustainability.

Large Enterprises
(over R50M turnover)

We assist large business with small to complex issues and problems and help them meet both short and long term objectives.

business distribution

Our Business Spread

Our business units support each and work in sync for the benefit of our clients. Here is an analysis of our business units contribution by revenue.

+ 30 %
Strategy, Marketing, Brand & PR
+ 10 %
Business Development, Capacity Building & Corporate Advisory
+ 5 %
Entrepreneurship, Leadership, People, Management & Board Development


Realigning strategies in a disruptive economy

We help our clients to re-look at their strategies to re-establish and/or reaffirm competitiveness in this fast-changing and disruptive environment.

we can do it

Give us a call or send us an email to set-up a free pre-consultation discussion. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to helping you to get ahead.

  • +27 82 051 1000
  • info@strategicadvantage.co.za

Why us

  • We Are Active Thinking Engines
  • We Pay Special Attention to Detail
  • We Focus on Getting Our Clients Ahead

meet our LEADERS

Our Executive Team

Innocent Mapfumo

Creative Director

Trend analyst. Creative at heart. Never runs out of creative juice.

Desmond Mapfumo

Founder - CEO

Strategic brain. An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

Dineo Tsolo

Human Capital Director

Culture expert. Employee relations and management champion.

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We are progressive new edge business combining powerful brains and the most current technology tools to position ourselves for sustainable success in their different fields. No day is ever the same and no client is the same in our environment. Come and enjoy working with the best to make our clients the best.

"Working with Strategic Advantage is like having a real high-level partner by your side. Their knowledge of business and their insights are excellent. Our business has grown substantially since we started working with them..."
Customer Testimonial, Anonymous.